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Down Syndrome Folklore Latino Dance Troupe

Down Syndrome Folklore Latino Dance TroupeThe Down Syndrome Folklore Latino Dance Troupe is made up of young adults who love to dance! The troupe had its beginnings in October 2006, with a focus on learning and embracing, via folkloric dances, the diverse culture of their parents, while at the same time developing their artistic and partnership abilities. The group emerged as a result of the dancers’ participation at the annual Massachusetts Down Syndrome Congress, where they each had the opportunity to showcase their individual talent.

All of the dancers love music and dancing, and each one represents their Latino American Cultural backgrounds, including Mexico, Puerto Rico, Colombia, the Dominican Republic and Guatemala. The group’s Artistic Director is Clara Zamudio, and the emergent agent Francisco Zamudio. The group has appeared at the Institute for Health Improvement, FLUPESD Annual Celebrations, Eastie Festivities for Major Menino, the New Latino American Encounter Celebration, Harvard School of Public Health, and many other venues and celebrations. They continue to make progress and learn from each other’s culture, friendship and personalities.