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Federation Annual Appeal

Smiling GirlIt’s Annual Appeal Time at the Federation!! The Federation’s Annual Appeal Letter is mailed out each year in early November and we are grateful for the support of all who donate. Through your support of our Annual Appeal, we are able to help families like Vicki’s.

Vicki is the mother of a 12 year old with a behavioral health diagnosis. Vicki contacted the Federation’s Family-to-Family Health Information Center about a number of concerns and problems she was having trying to navigate the complicated world of obtaining insurance coverage for her child. It soon became clear that Vicki needed more than just health insurance information. A single parent, Vicki had been struggling with feelings of isolation while caring for her child, who had recently been hospitalized. They had no home-based services, no family support. Vicki was under extreme stress, worried that her job was in jeopardy because of the time she was spending to care for her child’s needs.

A Federation staff member guided Vicki through obtaining appropriate insurance coverage, accessing the state sponsored child disability supplement, obtaining resources for financial planning, camp scholarships and referrals to a variety of child care services. With assistance from the Federation, Vicki is now feeling empowered and growing more confident in her own ability to access the education, health and community supports her child needs. Today, Vicki’ daughter is doing well. She has been able to remain at home, while getting appropriate services in her school and community. Vicki told us, “The support and information you provide make a world of difference. I literally couldn’t figure this out without you.”

If the Federation has made a difference for you, or helped you “figure things out”, we hope you will give generously to our Annual Appeal – so that we can continue to make a difference for other families! Please make your donation online at www.fcsn.org or mail your check today to the Federation for Children with Special Needs, 529 Main Street, Suite 1M3, Boston, MA 02129.