About Us

Pam Nourse

My name is Pam Nourse, and I am thrilled to join the Federation for Children with Special Needs as its executive director. I bring over 30 years of executive leadership experience in mission-driven organizations. I began my career as a community organizer and remain dedicated to seeking change that promotes social justice, tolerance, and inclusiveness. 

The mission of the Federation is close to my heart. I grew up with a brother who had significant intellectual and physical disabilities at a time when educational options were limited for children with special needs. Today we are in a much better place, but there is still much to do to make sure that we all are living up to our obligations to our children.

I am dedicated to ensuring that every family and child has equitable access to the educational, medical, and community supports they need and deserve. No better organization exists than the Federation to accomplish this goal. I am so impressed with the passion, commitment, and skill of the staff in providing training, outreach, and information to families while forging new partnerships with educational programs, health care institutions, and state and federal agencies.

I look forward to building on this strong foundation to help create a more welcoming and inclusive society.  Please take a moment to reach out and share with me your thoughts, stories, and ideas for the Federation moving forward: I can be reached at pnourse@fcsn.org. I look forward to hearing from you.

With gratitude for your participation and partnership,

Pam Nourse