Recruitment, Training and Support Specialist

for Special Education Surrogate Parent Program

(Hybrid Remote position, 32 hours)

Our Mission:

The Federation for Children with Special Needs provides information, support, and assistance to all families, especially those with children with disabilities, their professional partners, and their communities. We are committed to listening to and learning from families and encouraging full participation in community life by all people, especially those with disabilities.

Job Summary:

Recruitment portion (15 hours per week)

RTSC is responsible for recruiting volunteers and the person in this role will spearhead this effort by using and improving upon our existing plan implementing and evaluating results of the plan.

Recruiting requires using social media, attending fairs, creating and using an email list of interested individuals, conducting outreach to SEPACs, School Committees, community organizations, teacher associations and unions, among other means that the recruiter identifies.

The recruiter will work closely with the rest of the team to recruit volunteers, through existing and new initiatives. Ultimately, the recruits will apply, be trained and  supported by our team, and in their roles as volunteer SESP for children and youth with special education needs and who are in state custody.

Training and Support portion

Trainers and Support Specialists provide ongoing support to active Special Education Surrogate Parents (SESPs are volunteer and consultant advocates for children in custody of the state) identify training needs, develop, coordinate and implement trainings for new volunteers including initial orientations, monthly webinars, specific trainings and professional development opportunities for Local Education Agents, foster care families, and contributes suggested articles for our monthly newsletter, Consider This.

Essential Job Functions:

Training and Support:

  • Conduct trainings virtually and in person and enter data following trainings
  • Provide ongoing and individual support to SESPs through phone calls, emails and other means.
  • Work with RTSC Director to revise and record trainings and facilitation guides
  • Work with RTSC Director to identify and implement professional development trainings and monthly webinars for SESPs across the state.
  • Assist in the planning and implementation of a one day conference for SESPs
  • Work with RTSC Director and partner agency to assess ongoing support needs of SESPs, including foster parents, and the service providers
  • Other duties and responsibilities as requested by RTSC Director.
  • Research relevant information for the publication of a monthly Consider This e-newsletter


  • Utilize, update and implement statewide recruitment plan for SESPs
  • Distribute recruiting materials, statewide
  • Enter data and follow-up on materials distribution
  • Utilize marketing strategies and conduct presentations to community groups
  • Deliver SESP orientation training to interested new volunteers
  • Identify and contact groups such as community and faith-based organizations, Special Education PACs, retired educational professionals, CASAs, graduate schools of education whose members might be interested in serving as SESPs
  • Attend local educational resource fairs to share SESP recruitment materials
  • Provide outreach to community and faith-based organizations in underserved communities, recruiting volunteers who would be interested in working with children/adolescents who require SESPs
  • Collaborate with RTSC, SESPP, DCF area and regional offices to determine geographic regions with highest needs
  • Evaluate recruitment data
  • Attend weekly supervision with RTSC Director and program staff meetings
  • Other duties and responsibilities as requested by RTSD Director


  • Bachelor’s degree in education, communication or related field. Work experience may be substituted for part of education requirement
  • Work experience in recruiting employees or volunteers for service related positions.
  • Knowledge of special education and disability
  • Experience in conducting presentations to adults
  • Knowledge of SESPP, experience as a SESP preferred
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Experience in providing training and presentations
  • Adoptive, Foster or parent of a child with special needs related to trauma (emotional impairment or other qualifying disability)

To Apply:

Please email your letter of interest and resume to FCSN Human Resources by email to: Or by mail to: Federation for Children with Special Needs, Attn: HR, 529 Main Street, Suite 1M3, Boston, MA 02129

The Federation for Children with Special Needs (FCSN) embraces the diversity of our staff and is committed to increasing the diversity of our organization. As an EEO employer, FCSN is committed to providing equal employment opportunities to all employees and candidates for employment without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, ancestry, ethnicity, sex, pregnancy, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, physical or mental disability, genetic information, veteran status, or any other legally protected status or designation. Also, we welcome parents of children with special needs or those with a disability to apply!