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Accessing Wordly AI Interpretation and Transcription

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Communication Foreign Languages Greeting Worldwide Concept

Using Interpretation and Translation – ZOOM and WORDLY AI Instructions

Uso de la interpretación y la traducción: instrucciones de ZOOM y WORDLY AI

Usando Interpretação e Tradução – Instruções ZOOM e WORDLY AI

如何在Zoom会议上通过Wordly AI 取得口译和笔译

Sèvi ak Entèpretasyon ak Tradiksyon – ZOOM ak mo AI enstriksyon

Sử dụng phiên dịch và dịch thuật – Hướng dẫn AI ZOOM và WORDLY


For audio interpretationYou must add your desired language to your laptop or phone in the device settings

Wordly Instructions Video imageVideo Instructions