Anne Odera
Northeast Regional Coordinator, Family TIES

Anne is an education advocate with a passion for international and cross-cultural work in areas of quality, access, and equity. Her knowledge of educational processes stems from over 20 years of experience in varied academic environments with her son, who is a special needs learner, having been diagnosed with chromosome deletion syndrome. She believes that while nothing prepares you for parenting a special needs child, everyone has something they do well if we accommodate with humility, give power away and focus on people’s strengths. It does not mean throwing away standards but for being open to allowing things to be accomplished in a way and a pace that is different than yours.

Before joining FCSN, Anne completed The Ed.M. at Harvard- a year-long intensive program in education, exploring the most challenging and exciting questions in education research, policy, and practice. She is a Fellow of the American Association of University Women (AAUW) and the Peace Organization Education Sisterhood (PEO), awarded for research in the United States to women with academic achievement and demonstrated commitment to the advancement of educational issues of special groups. This commitment drives her agenda for the Northeast region families.