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APPLE Institute Virtual Curriculum

Agenda for First Convening of all Teams

9:00am Welcome to APPLE (FCSN Executive Director and DESE) and review of APPLE Objectives

9:10       Introductions – Ice breaker tool (30 minutes)

9:40       Mutual Agreements (5 minutes) and Introduction to Progressive Stacking (5 minutes)

9:50       Pre-Learning Session Discussion (questions based on asynchronous content – 10 minutes)

10:00    The Leadership Compass Assessment activity with Breakout Rooms (North, South, East and West) – Report back to  whole group (30 minutes)

10:30    BREAK (10 minutes)

10:40    Co-design – how to hear from people – What are the things you would consider when planning WITH families? (40 minutes)

11:10    Introduction to Team Planning Process – Creating a Team Vision – What are the key elements of successful partnerships between caregiver groups and districts? (20 minutes)

11:30    Using an Equity Lens in your work (15 minutes)

11:45    Meet Facilitators and Set-up next team meeting – Break out rooms based on teams: Next steps! – set dates/times for district team  meeting(s)

11:55    Final Thoughts!


Agenda for Second Convening of all Teams

10:00 AM          Welcome back and Celebrating the Process!

10:10                  Using an Equity Lens in your work/Part 2

10:25                  Team Action Plan Presentations (Facilitators introduce your teams, Districts will present in reverse alphabetical order!)

11:00                   Introduction of the Dual Capacity Framework as a Tool for Team Planning and Implementation

11:45                   Next Steps – Outline of Year-long Support

11:55                   Thank you