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Parents often are called upon to serve in capacities that go beyond representing the interests of their own family and child. They may be asked to collaborate with professionals in efforts to improve or redesign services, programs, and policies that impact many families. Committees, task forces, and program administrators may look to parents and family members to help guide their efforts to be more family centered. The parents reading this article (“Who You Gonna Call?” (PDFare likely to be the ones called by other parents, community leaders, or professionals who are looking for parents to fulfill a variety of roles, from providers of information to serving as committee chairpersons.

  • The Institute for Community Inclusion (ICI):

    Information and resources on a wide array of disability inclusion topics, including education, transition and career development for youth
    with disabilities.
  • The PACER Center:

    Information and resources on special needs topics, with materials available in Hmong, Somali and Spanish languages.
  • The PACER Center’s Technical Assistance ALLIANCE for Parent Centers (the ALLIANCE):

    Information and resources on special education issues important to parent centers serving families with children with disabilities. The website links to a searchable national directory of parent centers.