Timelines Many families and transition-aged students can find the post-secondary transition process overwhelming.  There is a lot to consider.  There can be a lot of uncertainty navigating the possibilities of what life after high school will look like.  Some families find using a transition timeline helps themRead more

Early Childhood

Parents are their child’s first teacher, and the first years of life are critical in a child’s brain development. There are many, every day, activities you can do with your baby to promote positive growth like Talk with your baby, put words to the things they lookRead more

Portuguese Resources

Support and Resources in Portuguese: Providers working with Portuguese Families: We hope that you find it helpful to have the names in English for the links to Portuguese resources found at We are here for every family about services in  Massachusetts – regardless of your child’s

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Recursos em Português:

Direitos Básicos na Educação em Massachusetts Educação Regular e Especial, Apoio, e Recursos locais Providers: click here to view this list with English titles   Oferecemos informações sobre suas opções educacionais, encaminhamentos à suportes e serviços, treinamentos para pais e profissionais, auxílio com a inscrição e matrícula,

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