Parent Testimonies

Parents have said… “My son is not just a typical teenager; everything is extreme.” Pathways for Parents (PFP) can make referrals to organizations that educate, encourage and support parents through challenging times. “Parents don’t know what they don’t know.” PFP informs and guides parents to access information,

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Foster, Kinship and Adoptive Parents

Pathways Home The Pathways for Parents Program at the Federation for Children with Special Needs provides support to many community organizations, as well as directly to parents and families who receive services from the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families (DCF).  Our mission is to support effectiveRead more

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

Pathways Home The Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Commission seeks to support the increasing number of families headed by grandparents. The Pathways program provides special education information and supports to this program. Mass.Gov Grandparents Raising GrandchildrenRead more

Family Advisory Committee

Pathways Home Family Advisory Committee (FAC) The Federation's Pathways for Parents Coordinator is a member of the Department for Children and Families’ Family Advisory Committee (FAC), which advises the DCF commissioner’s office. FAC is a statewide group of community representatives who have experience with DCF, including parents,Read more

Family Resource Center and Community Connections

Pathways Home Community Connections The Community Connections Coalitions are networks of local leaders and providers who create awareness around the needs of families in their communities by hosting events, forums, and trainings for parents. The Pathways program participates in statewide meetings of the coalition and serves asRead more

1:1 Healthcare Support

Individual Assistance and Support Mass Family Voices provides 1:1, free, confidential assistance and support to: parents and caregivers of children and youth with special health needs professionals working with children and youth with special health needs Contact: Call us: 617-236-7210 or 800-331-0688 Email: Online Intake Form: Mass Family Voices sponsorsRead more

Community Living & Adult Systems – REAL

Community Living & Adult Systems – REAL
Youth Development and Leadership If you are a youth with a disability who is looking for some good information on how to prepare for life after high school you have come to the right page!! Use the Guideposts for Success work plan to think through your transition plan! NotRead more

Post-Secondary Education – REAL Transition Partners

Post-Secondary Education – REAL Transition Partners
Preparing for Post-secondary Education  When planning for life after high school, a student can consider different paths. One possible path for many students is to continue learning in a post-secondary education setting.  Examples of a post-secondary education program include 4-year college or university, 2-year college, or technical trade school. More and more colleges and programs are encouragingRead more