Elizabeth Bostic

Beth Bostic
Board Member

Elizabeth (Beth) Yancy Bostic has two children with special needs, one of whom is medically complex. Before becoming a Federation trained special education advocate and trainer, she was a Project Manager for training and consulting firm where she gained extensive knowledge and expertise in facilitating diverse teams. She brings these skills into her work in special education consulting and special healthcare needs advocacy, and is well respected by parents, school administrators and disability stakeholders across the state. She is the Past President Advisor of SPaN (Special Needs Advocacy Network), a statewide network of special education advocates in Massachusetts, as well as a member of the IMPACT: Ability Steering Committee, COPAA (Council for Parent Attorneys and Advocates) and P.I.C.K. (Parents of Infants and Children with Kernicterus). She was previously a member of the ArcMass board and the Reading Special Education Parent Advisory Council.