Range of Classroom & School Placements

Least Restrictive to Most Restrictive timeline graph School districts are required to offer a range or continuum of school placements for children with disabilities in order to meet their individual needs. There are two main types of placements: In-District Placements: classrooms that are part of the publicRead more

Early Childhood

Parents are their child’s first teacher, and the first years of life are critical in a child’s brain development. There are many, every day, activities you can do with your baby to promote positive growth like Talk with your baby, put words to the things they lookRead more

Placement Options Available by Law

If parents have concerns about whether their child is in an appropriate educational placement, they should begin by becoming familiar with the answers to two key questions: What are CHILDREN’S RIGHTS under the law? Since 1975, federal laws require that all students with disabilities receive a FreeRead more

Portuguese Resources

Support and Resources in Portuguese: Providers working with Portuguese Families: We hope that you find it helpful to have the names in English for the links to Portuguese resources found at www.fcsn.org/recursos-em-portugues Videos in Portuguese – YouTube click here 1:1 Support or IEP Review Scheduling – click

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