PCTI/Information Center Internships

PCTI Home PCTI Schedule of Courses 2023 PCTI Fees and Scholarship Info Stay Connected PCTI/Information Center Internships Optional internships are available to those who complete the PCTI and wish to further develop their skills. The Information Center Internship includes training on the following topics: Interview skills Issue

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PCTI Fees and Scholarships Info

PCTI Home PCTI Schedule of Courses 2023 Information Center Internships Stay Connected: Networking Opportunities and Newsletter Registration Fees for Online PCTI Options Parents: $275 Professionals: $295                                           

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Publicity Test

MassPAC HomeSEPAC Basic Tooklkit PublicityResource FairsCommunity and Disability Awareness Events SEPACs need to become experts in networking – building and maintaining relationships within their communities. Ways to Get the Message Out The SEPAC will not have access to the list of students receiving special education services inRead more