Summer 2022 Online 5-Day Parent Training Consultant Institute (PCTI)

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Register Now! The Parent Consultant Training Institute (PCTI) is an intensive training program designed to provide all parents and professionals with a solid foundation in special education laws, procedures, and related subjects. Class size is limited, so register early! The training generally consists of 40-54 hours of


Aprender y liderar a través de ELPAC


¡Todas las familias son importantes! Les invitamos a un próximo taller sobre las oportunidades de apoyo, aprendizaje y liderazgo disponibles para las familias a través de nuestro Consejo Asesor (Consejo Asesor de Padres de Estudiantes del Idioma Ingles —ELPAC (por sus siglas en Ingles). Haga clic aquí

DESE Indicators: Assessment and Parent Involvement

Online Event

Assessment and Parent Involvement Each session will take place 5:00pm - 6:00pm - All groups will provide interpretation in ASL, Spanish, Portuguese, Haitian Creole, Vietnamese, and Mandarin. For more information on the indicators, click here. To change the language of this website and form, click on the language