Summer 2022 Online 5-Day Parent Training Consultant Institute (PCTI)

Online Event

Register Now! The Parent Consultant Training Institute (PCTI) is an intensive training program designed to provide all parents and professionals with a solid foundation in special education laws, procedures, and related subjects. Class size is limited, so register early! The training generally consists of 40-54 hours of


Language and Cultural Access… with the School Finder Project


Join the Federation’s NEW School Finder Project for an interactive presentation designed to help your school or organization build stronger practices for language-accessible and culturally-responsive family outreach and engagement. We’ll also introduce our project and ways we can support schools, organizations, students and families. Participants Will Learn

April Webinar

Extended School Year (ESY) –The uphill struggle to get summer services continues to frustrate and confound families. A summer without the right support for children with trauma can be particularly damaging. Even when services are offered, the program schools provide is often what the district has and

May Webinar

Webinar Julie Sinclair-The New IEP Implementation Register Now