Positive Solutions for Families: Train the Trainer

Positive Solutions for Families Training Graphic

This May, FACET will offer a Positive Solutions for Families: Train the Trainer workshop at Federation for Children with Special Needs’ Boston office in November. The training is free of charge and open to public school personnel and their community partners.

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The Family and Community Engagement Team (FACET) is a project of the Federation for Children with Special Needs. Their mission is to partner with districts and schools to improve student achievement and school performance through strengthening family and community engagement policies, designing strategies for enhanced family and community engagement, and implementing activities directly with families, teachers, administrators, community members and other stakeholders.

At the District Level: FACET facilitates strategic planning for district-wide policies and procedures for enhancing both family and community engagement.
At the School Level: FACET offers free professional development for school personnel and helps implement hands-on strategies for working with families.
For Individual Families: FACET provides workshops for families and trains volunteers and school personnel to conduct family workshops.

How Does FACET Work?

Through a grant provided by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE), FACET staff collaborates directly with districts and schools to provide the tools and processes to:

  • identify strengths and needs in partnering with families and community members using the Massachusetts Family, School, and Community Partnership Fundamentals
  • prioritize goals and define desired short-term, interim, and long-term outcomes for district-wide and school-based family and community engagement;
  • design strategies to enhance family and community engagement to support student achievement and school improvement facilitated by experts who have years of practical experience as parent leaders, educators, and adult trainers.

What Can FACET Do?

FACET can provide technical assistance in the following areas:

For more information about FACET and the Massachusetts Center for Family and Community Engagement, email facet@fcsn.org or call (617) 236-7210.