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Supporting Families of Children with Disabilities

Supporting Families When Sharing Concerns About their Children
Presents strategies for supporting families when sharing concerns about their child’s development. Feelings experienced by families and cultural considerations are discussed and explored.

Helping Families of Young Children Navigate the Special Education System
Reviews the basic components of the IEP process and family participation requirements involved in special educations services for students and outlines steps professionals can take to provide information and share resources with families who have children receiving special education services.

Partnering with Families of Young Children with Disabilities
Reviews strategies for building positive, trusting relationships with families of children with disabilities. Topics covered include underlining principles of special education, strategies for establishing partnerships with families and identifying community resources to support families.

Including Children with Disabilities in Your Early Childhood Program
Defines and describes various types of disabilities and explores the benefits of including children with disabilities in your program. Strategies and resources for adapting your curriculum and environment will be explored to increase your confidence in meeting diverse needs.