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Workshops for Families

 FACET offers workshops for families in the public school system, based on school needs and availability.*



Understanding American Schools: How to Help Your Child Succeed 

This training provides an overview of US schools for families not educated in the US.  Topics include: Structure of US Schools, Overview of American School System , and School Specific Information. This training provides families with information necessary to help your child be successful.

Building Effective Communication Between Families and Educators

Explores the benefits of meaningful communication between parents and professionals, provides suggestions for creative ways to communicate with educators, and identifies ways to build positive, trusting relationships.

Families Supporting Their Children’s Learning at Home

Reviews the importance of families’ roles in their children’s education and how they can help their children learn at home. Addresses frequently asked questions from families about their children’s education.

Family Engagement: A Key to Student and School Success

Reviews research findings on the benefits of family engagement at home and at school. Looks at what motivates families to become engaged and identifies various ways that families can participate in school activities.