The Massachusetts Center for Family and Community Engagement in Schools and its Family and Community Engagement Team (FACET) will partner with districts and schools to improve student achievement and school performance through strengthening family and community engagement policies, designing strategies for enhanced family and community engagement and implementing activities directly with families, teachers, administrators, community members and other stakeholders.

  • At the district level, FACET will facilitate strategic planning for district-wide policies and procedures for enhancing both family and community engagement.
  • At the school level, it will offer professional development for school personnel and help implement hands-on strategies for working with families.
  • For individual families, FACET will train volunteers and school personnel to conduct popular family workshops, such as Helping Your Child Learn at Home, Understanding US Schools for immigrant families, and Making Sense of the MCAS.

FACET will provide districts and schools the tools and processes to:

For more information about FACET and the Massachusetts Center for Family and Community Engagement, contact Roxanne Hoke-Chandler at chandler@fcsn.org or call (617) 399-8343.