Needs Assessment

MassPAC Home SEPAC Forms and Templates SEPACs should use diverse sources to gather information about what their members want to see for educational workshops, how well the special education supports and services are working for students, or systemic issues affecting students with disabilities. Many SEPACs use surveysRead more

Action Planning Worksheet

MassPAC Home SEPAC Forms and Templates   Having a formal, written Action Plan helps get things done.  A SEPAC can decide on an outcome they hope to achieve, define what success would look like and then identify the specific steps needed to be taken to achieve thatRead more

Agenda and Minutes

MassPAC Home SEPAC Forms and Templates SEPAC should share a meeting agenda with the public at least two days prior to their business meetings. A board meeting agenda typically includes the following items: Meeting Date, Time, and Location: Enter the board meeting date, time, and location (includeRead more

Vision and Mission Statements

MassPAC Home SEPAC Forms and Templates   A SEPAC can build shared commitment from its members by working to establish a Vision and/or a Mission Statement. These statements help answer questions such as, "Who are we" and What do we do"? A Vision Statement describes the focusRead more

About MassPAC

MassPAC at the Federation is the statewide organization providing information, training and networking opportunities to Massachusetts special education parent advisory councils (SEPACs) and the professionals who collaborate with them. MassPAC encourages parent leadership and parent-school district partnerships. Beginning in 1986, Massachusetts state law has required all public

Read more

SEPAC Networking Meetings

MassPAC Home MassPAC organizes regional networking meetings to assist SEPACs in sharing resources and ideas. SEPAC officers from a local geographical region will be invited to attend these MassPAC-led events. Held at a school or public library, these informal get-togethers are a great way for new officersRead more