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2019 Gala Awards

We are proud to present the following awards at our 2019 Gala:

The Martha H. Ziegler Award honors the memory of our founder’s visionary leadership in the Parent Movement. Richard J. Robison, the Federation’s Executive Director Emeritus, will receive this year’s award.

The President’s Award recognizes individuals who have made a significant contribution to furthering the work of the Federation. Our 2018 President’s Award will be presented to Ron Benham, who has completed a career nurturing families and buildling an Early Intervention system that is unparalleled across the country.

The Patricia Blake Parent Advocacy Award is given to an individual who exemplifies the belief in the potential of all children with disabilities to achieve. This year’s award will be presented to Elaine Gabovitch, Director of the Title V Division for Children & Youth with Special Health Needs (DCYSHN) at the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.