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Federation Gala Awards

The Federation for Children with Special Needs is proud to present two awards at our 2017 Gala:

1) Martha H. Ziegler Founders Award: The Founder’s Award was established to honor Martha Ziegler’s visionary leadership and hard work as a prominent parent leader of the Parent Movement in the US. It is given to an individual who continues that vision to educate, advocate and inspire. Three amazing women will share this award in 2017: Mary, Anastasia, and Alba Somoza, whose unflagging advocacy efforts have opened doors for those with special needs.

2) President’s Award: The President’s Award was established to recognize individuals who have made a significant contribution to furthering the work of the Federation. This year’s recipient is Boston law firm Nutter McClennen & Fish, whose decade of financial and pro bono assistance has helped improve internal operations and furthered our efforts to serve families of children with special needs.