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Patrick “The Piano Man” Birmingham

Patrick_Birmingham at the pianoEven before he was born, Patrick Birmingham was immersed in music by listening to daily sessions of Bach, Beethoven and Brahms played through his mother’s belly as he enthusiastically moved, kicked and responded! At the age of 2, when he was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Patrick was given an electric keyboard that had the keys labeled with the corresponding notes. He spent endless hours playing, and quite frequently and surprisingly, his parents would recognize pieces of familiar songs. By the age of 5 while watching Fantasia, he turned to his father and said “Beethoven’s 5th” and repeated the first few notes then continued to play the entire song and movie with one finger. Patrick began lessons and did his first talent show soon after with a 40 second version of “Tequila.” This opened the door for consistent talent show appearances at school where he played and sang. He excelled in the school band, pep band, & jazz band, earning the respect of his peers and diverse audiences. As a young teen, he was part of an older adult jazz ensemble at Cape Cod Conservatory where everyone needed sheet music but Patrick, as every song and note was meticulously stored in his memory!

After high school, Patrick was the student Director for Riverview School’s well-known music program, playing a key part in leading his peers through performances and shows and providing musical support for every song. Often dubbed “the wedding singer”, Patrick has a huge repertoire of contemporary and classic rock at his fingertips. Aside from being blessed with “perfect pitch”, Patrick has phenomenal song memory after simply listening to any Rock, Jazz, Christmas, Disney, etc. song. Patrick has played at book stores, farmers markets, festivals, birthday and holiday parties, local open mic nights, as well as private and public fundraisers and galas. Patrick’s voice has developed beautifully over the years to accompany his impeccable piano/keyboard magic. Patrick “Piano Man” Birmingham is a humble, kind and exquisitely talented musician and performer who magically shares his gift of music by mesmerizing audiences everywhere.

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