FCSN // Information and Updates during COVID-19

Information and Updates during COVID-19


Send us your Questions or Concerns: The Federation would like to know how families are interacting with their schools and how we can best serve our families.          Call us: 617-236-7210 or 800-331-0688 and Family TIES: 800-905-8437  Email: info@fcsn.org or go to Online Intake Form: https://fcsn.org/ptic/call-center/call-center-intake-form/ Follow the Federation on Facebook @fcsnfb and watch our daily Livestream! We are now located in The Schrafft Center Federation for Children with Special Needs
529 Main Street, Suite 1M3 Boston, MA 02129 Phone: (617) 236-7210, (800) 331-0688 (in MA) Fax: (617) 241-0330 Email: fcsninfo@fcsn.org