About Us

Vision Statement

The LINK Center: Connecting to Your Future assists families and individuals with disabilities who are transition age (14-26) to information, supports, and services to achieve their future vision.

Mission Statement

The LINK Center: Connecting to Your Future provides answers to transition-related questions, education, and training throughout Massachusetts, and offers a centralized transition based website with relevant resources and information for families to easily navigate. The LINK Center collaborates with statewide agencies and other organizations to support effective transition practices.

The LINK Center coordinates and works closely with the Massachusetts Parent Training Information Center (PTIC) at the Federation for Children with Special Needs to strengthen parents’ ability to participate fully in their children’s education at school and at home. The LINK Center specifically supports families in addressing transition-related concerns.

National RSA Partnership

The LINK Center is one of seven rehabilitative service administration (RSA) PTI’s throughout the United States. The centers have been identified to support other parent training information centers on the issues of youth transition. They provide various training and programming for other parent training information centers, parents, and youth to support them during this period of time between adolescence and adulthood. RAISE, the National Resources for Access, Independence, Self-Advocacy, and Employment is a user-centered technical assistance center that understands the needs and assets of the RSA-PTIs, coordinates efforts with the TA provided by PTI centers and involves RSA-PTIs as key advisors and partners in all product and service development and delivery.