Connecting Activities

Youth need to be connected to programs, services, activities, and supports that help them gain access to their chosen post-school options.

In preparation for graduation from high school make sure to consider the following aspects to transition planning:

1.  Understand what adult services means. Youth may receive services from a human service agency, or connect with an independent living center, or find supports through a local disability service provider.

2.  Find programs and services for youth that are accessible and think about what hobbies and activities youth can do in their free time.

3.  A big question to figure out is transportation. Learn more about driving programs, public transportation and other services that support transportation needs.

4.  Learn more about how assistive technology is changing and can help connect youth with disabilities.

5. Think about where youth will want to live and explore the housing options.

6.  Understand the changes in a youth’s status once they turn 18 in terms of military requirements, voting and other decision making responsibilities.

7.  Learn more about Massachusetts’ policies and advocacy that impact individuals with disabilities.