Benefits Planning

Social security benefits might be an option for youth when they turn 18 to help supplement any of their housing or personal care needs. Social security offers several programs for individuals with disabilities that can provide temporary or on-going supports. There are many questions and fears related to social security from how to obtain benefits to how to keep them. Learn more about some useful resources in Massachusetts to help ease any questions:

Questions about social security?

1. Watch this Federation for Children with Special Needs webinar on social security benefits to get a complete overview of social security disability programs or check out this short webinar on SSI and employment.

2. One of the best options to get questions answered around social security benefits is to get individualized support from Project IMPACT. Project IMPACT can provide information on:  Employment, Health Insurance including Medicare & MassHealth, Work Incentives and Social Security Benefits, and Other Benefits.

3. The Department of Public Health has a resource for understanding SSI benefits and healthcare coverage.

4. If there are more general questions about social security contact the Social Security Administration.

5. Learn more about the Ticket to Work Program and watch webinars to learn about various work incentives.

6. Youth with disabilities may want to check out the  benefits planning information from NCWD.

7. Use this step by step SSI guide by Exceptional Lives on how to apply for SSI.