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Guardianship and Alternatives

Turning 18 comes with some big changes around who is responsible for making decisions. Turning 18, also known as the age of majority, influences who has the final say when it comes to education decisions, healthcare and financial planning. There are several options when it comes to setting up structures to help with decision making such as guardianship, power of attorney, healthcare proxy, etc….

Feel the need to learn more about decision making options?

1. Watch this Federation for Children with Special Needs guardianship webinar with Hillary J. Dunn, Esq, to get a complete overview about guardianship.

2. Learn about some of the process and alternatives to guardianship such as supported decision making, power of attorney, etc…

3. Understand more about guardianship and how it is a legal process for adults who are unable to make decisions for themselves.

4. Find more information on guardianship in Massachusetts and the paperwork necessary to obtain guardianship.

5. Use this step by step guardianship guide by Exceptional Lives to learn more about the guardianship process.