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Transition Brochures

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TIPS: Transition Information for Parents and their Students with IEPs

A series of brochures produced by The LINK Center – a project of the Federation for Children with Special Needs, and the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (ESE).  The transition brochures provide important information that can be found in the Transition Technical Assistance Advisories developed by ESE. The brochures will hopefully provide easy and accessible information that can be readily shared to help explain the secondary transition process, transition assessment and self-determination.

The Secondary Transition Planning Process

Find information about the secondary transition planning process. Information includes important key transition terms to know, tips about student vision, transition assessment and IEP goal development, and how to work with the IEP Team to develop a strong transition plan with the Transition Planning Form and IEP.

The Secondary Transition Planning Process Brochure (PDF)

Technical Assistance Advisory SPED 2013-1: Postsecondary Goals and Annual IEP Goals In the Transition Planning Process: www.doe.mass.edu/sped/advisories/13_1ta.html

Transition Assessment

Find information about transition assessments. Information includes important key terms to know about assessment, how assessment can look different in different settings, strategies to learn how to ask the right questions, knowing when consent is necessary, and examples for how to make sure assessment relates to a student’s vision.

Transition Assessment Brochure (PDF)

Technical Assistance Advisory SPED 2014-4: Transition Assessment in the Secondary Transition Planning Process www.doe.mass.edu/sped/advisories/2014-4ta.html


Find information about the importance of self-determination. Information includes tips for why self-determination is important, what skills and opportunities can help students to be more self-determined, how to share information with the school, and examples for how to practice self-determination in and out of school.

Self-Determination Brochure (PDF)

Technical Assistance Advisory SPED 2016-2: Promoting Student Self-Determination to Improve Student Outcomes www.doe.mass.edu/sped/advisories/2016-2ta.pdf