Career Preparation

Career preparation and work experiences are essential in order for youth to explore interests and goals for their future. These experiences can be provided during the school day or through after-school programs, and often require collaborations with other organizations.

If a youth is interested in exploring their interests in a work setting, there are several aspects to transition planning to be aware of:

1. It is good to know the general laws that impact employment and transition services to understand a youth’s rights in the workplace.

2. Become familiar with the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission the state human service agency that supports individuals with disabilities with their vocational goals.

3. Go and explore the local One-Stop Career Center to get youth vocational services. A One-Stop Career Center can help youth gain soft skills and apply for jobs.

4. It is important to explore interests in a variety of work settings. Career planning and assessments can help in narrowing down what type of job might be a good fit.

5.  Always know that it is alright to ask for help. Learn more about types of workplace accommodations if that might be necessary.