Career Planning, Benefits and Assessment

Ready to start working? Not sure what type of job is a good fit? These are all normal questions for a youth who is thinking about their first work experience. There are many resources, planning guides, and assessments to help youth think through what type of job will work best for them.

How to get started?

1.  Use this employment guide (PDF) created by youth for youth from the National Collaborative on Workforce and Disability for Youth.

2. Explore several job exploration guides that provide information on career assessment and planning tools.

3.  Check out The Skills Library and Massachusetts Career Readiness Database for exploration and assessment tools. Explore different careers on the Career Outlook page and see what skills might be necessary.

4. If you are looking to help youth build work skills (PDF) for success check out this tips sheet.

5.  Learn more about how work can impact social security benefits such as SSI or SSDI with the Information Sheet for Parents (PDF) from Project IMPACT. Read this guide that lays out the transition from School Days to Pay Day (PDF) and explains how earning a paycheck might influence your social security benefits.

6. Find tips for workplace success in working with employer (PDF).

7. Find what you need to know about Work-Based Learning Experiences for Students with Disabilities (PDF).