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Vocational Rehabilitation

The Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (MRC) provides vocational rehabilitation services for individuals with disabilities to achieve their employment goals. They work with youth and adults who have various types of disabilities. MRC is just one of the state human service agencies that assist youth with disabilities. In general, MRC is the agency that can provide vocational and independent living supports to individuals with disabilities.

How can the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission help?

1. Find out eligibility requirements for MRC services.

2. Learn how to get connected to MRC through the Chapter 688 referral and understand what services vocational rehabilitation can provide. Youth with disabilities and their parents can also contact MRC to apply for services (outside of the Chapter 688 referral process).

3. Understand pre-employment transition services provided under WIOA and how WIOA will change vocational rehabilitation services and impact individuals in Massachusetts.

4. Explore national workforce development resources such as the Department of Labor and MassHire.

5. Learn more about the WIOA Family Support Project here at the Federation.