Middle School and High School

Transition Planning in the School Setting

The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education developed the Student-Driven Secondary Transition Model to help explain the transition process for students in school. Click on the image to learn more:

Massachusetts Department of Education's Transition Home Page

Transition planning in Massachusetts starts when a student turns 14 and continues until a student graduates or turns 22. It is a team process that should include team members from both in and out of the school setting. The Individualized Education Program (IEP) (PDF) and Transition Planning Form (TPF) (PDF) are two documents that guide the brainstorming and execution of the transition planning process.

1  Looking at a transition timeline can be helpful tool to figure out what to work on while a youth is in middle and high school.

2.  Check the Federation for Children with Special Needs’ Family Guide to Transition Services (PDF) to get a quick overview of the key aspects to transition planning while in middle and high school.

3.  Check out the new Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education’s Secondary Transition Website!

4. Learn what you need to know about Youth Transition Services for Students and Youth with Disabilities (PDF).