College Programs

If continuing education after high school is a part of a youth’s vision here are some useful resources to help with options for college programs, how to advocate for supports, and how to prepare for post-secondary success.

Want to learn more about post-secondary options?

1.  Look at this list of questions to consider when figuring out what college will be a good fit for a youth with a disability.

2. Explore Going to College a website helps youth think through living a college life with a disability.

3. Visit Think College an online resource for post-secondary education.

4. Parenting Special Needs offers a well-rounded article on college programs and how to select the best school for your student.

5.  Learn more about the Inclusive Concurrent Enrollment in Massachusetts a college-school partnership to support eligible public high school students with intellectual disabilities, ages 18-22, to increase their academic and career success by being included in a college or university community of learners.

6.  Check out this great video that talks about inclusive higher education options for high school students with intellectual, developmental, or significant learning disabilities.