Annual membership covers the school year from July 1 through June 30.

SEPAC/District Membership 

PLUS Level  – $450

  • LEADERSHIP SUPPORT – Get answers to your questions!  By phone, email or on-site visit, we can help you build your SEPAC.  Fact sheets are available on publicity, the open meeting law, fund-raising and other topics. 
  • MassPAC LISTSERVE – Connect with other SEPACs through our online discussion.  In this closed Yahoo group, get access to sample SEPAC brochures, flyers and by-laws.  Find out about other SEPAC events/speakers, share best practices and ask questions. Event notices can be forwarded to your SEPAC members.
  • ANNUAL RIGHTS WORKSHOP – Schedule a FREE workshop for your school district ($300 value). Our FCSN Basic Rights workshops provide families with an introduction to their rights and responsibilities under State and Federal special education laws to meet the annual state regulation. Each PLUS member can choose one Basic Rights workshop in our Special Education Rights Series – Basic Rights: Evaluation and Eligibility, Basic Rights: Understanding the IEP or (for 9-12 school districts/SEPACs) Basic Rights: The Transition Planning Process.  We encourage SEPACs to collaborate and co-host workshops to maximize this benefit.
  • SECOND WORKSHOP OPTION – Receive a 50% discount on one additional FCSN/Parent Training and Information Center workshop for your district ($150 value) – choose from these PTI workshop topics.
  • TRAINING – Learn with other SEPACs at new officer trainings and through online learning opportunities. Priority invitation to APPLE – our Advancing Parent/Professional Leadership in Education Institute.
  • REGIONAL NETWORKING MEETINGS – Find a mentor at regional meetings of neighboring SEPACs; share resources,  network and learn together.  Learn how to connect with online regional SEPAC groups.
  • FCSN ANNUAL VISIONS OF COMMUNITY CONFERENCE – Attend our day-long conference in Boston in late winter (Feb.29, 2020)  – one free registration ($95 value).
  • ONLINE WEBINARS/NETWORK SERIES SPEAKERS – Participate in FCSN special education online webinars and access monthly network meetings featuring speakers on special education topics in Boston or Holyoke.

BASIC Level – $275

  • All of the benefits listed above, but does NOT include the free Basic Rights workshop or the second FCSN workshop half-price optional benefit.

Individual/Professional Level – $50

Individual/Professional MassPAC Membership is designed for individuals only: parents/guardians, family members, professionals, or other interested parties.

  • Listserve – Annual membership to the MassPAC Listserve.
  • e- Newsline –  Subscription to the Federation’s quarterly newsletter via email.