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SEPAC Basic Toolkit

MassPAC has collected information to help you start, maintain and grow your local Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SEPAC). The advice given on this website covers a wide range of ideas and should be tailored to the needs, goals and size of your SEPAC. Consider this information a template that you can use to create and/or grow your SEPAC.

Getting Started

Starting a SEPAC begins with an interested group of parents/guardians of children with special needs who are dedicated to improving special education in their school district. The strength of the organization depends on the composition of the group. A SEPAC should be representative of all families of children with special needs in the district. SEPACs are an umbrella organization of parents from all schools in a district and may include families with children in out-of-district placements. A balanced membership will give the group many different perspectives as well as credibility as an advisory group.

The SEPAC founders should work with the district/special education administration as early as possible to get their support and cooperation. A meeting with the Administrator of Special Education is advised before the first meeting of the SEPAC.