Topical Conference Calls

It can be hard to get to workshops. Conference calls provide learning opportunities without having to travel. You can join the calls with a toll-free phone number that we provide. If you cannot call in, you can listen to the playback for free at the links below.

Each 1-hour call features a speaker, knowledgeable about a particular topic. The presentation is 30 – 40 minutes, with time for questions. Summaries or audio files for past calls are linked below.

The Massachusetts Family-to-Family Center welcomes your ideas! E-mail your idea for a speaker or topic to:

The Medical Review Team
When: February 2, 2011
Presenter: Denise Guilbeault, Medical Review Team Coordinator, MA DPH Medical Review Team.
Handout: The Medical Review Team (PDF)
Audio Transcript: MP3 File

Health Information Technology (HIT) – what does it mean to Massachusetts families of children with special health care needs?
When: December 1, 2010
Presenter: Rick Shoup, the Director of the eHealth Institute, and state HIT Coordinator.
Handouts: Slide Presentation (PDF)
Audio Transcript: MP3 File

Catastrophic Illness in Children’s Relief Fund or CICRF
When: May 14, 2010
Presenters: Kathy Patisteas, Director of the CICRF, and Bonnie Thompson, Parent Advisor to the CICRF Commission, Catastrophic Illness in Children’s Relief Fund
Handouts: CICRF general info (PDF)
CICRF application (PDF)
CICRF eligible expenses (PDF)
Audio Transcript: MP3 File

Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission’s Home Modification Loan Program (HMLP)
When: October 20, 2009
Presenter: Susan Gillam, Home Modification Loan Program
Handouts: HMLP Brochure (PDF)
HMLP Application (PDF)
HMLP Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)
HMLP Topical Call Slide Show (PDF)
Audio Transcript: MP3 File

Facilitating Friendships for Children and Teens with Special Needs
When: February 26, 2009
Presenter: Chanie Krinsky and Noach Pawliger of the Friendship Circle
Audio Transcript: MP3 File

Supporting Siblings of Children & Youth with Special Needs
When: January 27, 2009
Presenter: Dr. Meike Watzlawik, Developmental Psychologist and visiting scholar at Clark University
Handouts: Supporting Siblings (PDF)
Audio Transcript: MP3 File

Sports for All
When: September 12, 2008
Presenter: Jerry Cole, Director, Northeast Regional Office, BlazeSports America
Handouts: Sports For All (PDF)
Audio Transcript: MP3 File

Building Parent-Provider Partnerships for Children Referred to Specialty Care
When: March 26, 2008
Presenters: Dr. Chris Stille and Beth Pond, a parent partner
Handout: Parents as Information Intermediaries between Intermediaries between Primary and Specialty Care: Primary and Specialty Care: Building Partnerships Building Partnerships (PDF)
Audio Transcript: MP3 File

Mental Health Services for MassHealth Consumers
When: October 4, 2007
Presenters: Emily Sherwood, MassHealth Behavioral Health Services
Handouts: “Rosie D.” Remedy Implementation – an update (PDF)
Overview of the Case and Summary of the Trial in Rosie D. v. Romney (PDF)
Audio Transcript: MP3 File

Back to School Readiness
What Every parent needs to know to ensure their child’s special health care needs are met during the school day
PDF Transcript (PDF)

Implications and Implementation of Mass General Law Chapter 171
An Act Providing Support to Individuals with Disabilities and Their Families
PDF Transcript (PDF)