The Massachusetts Family Voices listserv was created to provide an opportunity for families raising children and youth with special needs and our professional partners to:

  • Share resources and information,
  • Post questions and learn from each other’s experience and expertise,
  • Support each other as we advocate for all children and youth with special health needs.

In addition, members are encouraged to post information about:

  • Conferences & Workshops,
  • Opportunities for parents and professionals to collaborate on aspects of the health care service system (volunteer, stipend or paid),
  • Requests for family and professional participation at meetings, on surveys, or on various other projects, and Family and professional input on materials your organization is developing.

Membership is free and confidential. We look forward having you join your voice with Mass Family Voices!

Want to share information about this list with others? Download List serv brochure here (PDF).

At times Mass Family Voices listserv members share personal and family information amongst themselves. It is expected that this type of information will be treated confidentially and not discussed or posted outside the list serv forum. The Mass Family Voices/Family-to-Family Health Care Information Center Advisory Board has created a confidentiality policy that describes this expectation. You may read the policy at MFV listserv-confidentiality policy.

Mass Family Voices and the Massachusetts Family-to-Family Health Care Information Center are projects of the Federation for Children with Special Needs. The Federation has established the following policy regarding solicitation and advertising of products and services that result in personal gain, and about use of members’ e-mail addresses for the purpose of direct solicitation of services and/or products.

Mass Family Voices Listserv Policy Regarding Solicitation and Advertising

Mass Family Voices, a project of the Federation for Children with Special Needs hosts the listserv to build community among families and professionals who speak out on behalf of children and youth with special health care needs. This is a forum for sharing knowledge and other relevant information, as well as for asking questions and hearing from the collective expertise of our diverse and growing membership.

This listserv is not to be used for soliciting or advertising commercial products or services that result in personal gain. If someone knows of a book, conference, training, service, etc. that would be potentially useful to other list members, it is appropriate to post that information in response to a member’s request. Use of listserv member e-mail addresses and other information from listserv discussions for the purpose of direct solicitation of services and/or products is not allowed. Please report inappropriate use of the list to

If you have any questions, e-mail: or call 1-800-331-0688, ext. 301.