2005 Editions of Newsline


Fall 2005, Bridging the Gap-Achievement for All, Supreme Court Decision: IDEA and the Burden of Proof, Medicare Part D, Buyer Beware, News from Family TIES, Book Reviews, The Magic’s in the Music, Parents’ PLACE Pointers: Tutoring and NCLB, and more! (PDF)

Spring/Summer 2005, Major Changes to IDEA 2004, Municipal Medicaid Program, PPLACE Bulletin on Media Literacy, Project Updates, Book Review, Conference, Gala and Holiday Gift Fund Re-Caps, and more! ( PDF)

Winter 2005, IDEA 2004, Proposed Changes to Mass. Special Education Regulations, Assistive Technology, Transition from Early Intervention, PPLACE Pointers on Supplemental Educational Services Under NCLB, Project Updates, Book Review, Children’s Holiday Fund, and more! (PDF)