2008 Editions of Newsline


Fall 2008, Federation Mission Goes International, Visions of Community 2009 Conference Preview, Coping with Anxiety, Mass PIRC: Helping to Promote Parents as Partners in Their Children’s Education, MassHealth Reimbursement for Out-of-Pocket Expenses Incurred During the Eligibility Determination Period, Watch Your Mouth Campaign, Book Reviews and much more! (PDF)

Summer 2008, Belonging and Becoming…Opportunities for All • Spring Gala 2008, Parent Consultant Trainings, Educational Proficiency Plans (EPP), Finding a Support Group, Behavioral Health Services for Children, Book Reviews and much more! (PDF)

Spring 2008, Visions of Community 2008, Transition Planning, Health Care Transitions, Education After High School, Summer Job Strategies for Teens, Health Insurance for Young Adults with Disabilities, Children’s Mental Health Campaign Update, Book Reviews, and much more! (PDF)

Winter 2008, Phyllis Sneirson Retires, Inclusion’s New Frontier: Concurrent Enrollment, Focus on Parent Leadership in Massachusetts, Planning Summer Fun for Children with Special Needs, MassHealth Commonhealth (English, Español, Português), Rosie D. v. Patrick Update, Supporting Children’s Learning at Home, The DME Access Project, Book Review, and much more!