2009 Editions of Newsline

Fall 2009, Save the Date for Visions of Community 2010, Federation Expands Web Presence, English Language Learners (ELL) with Disabilities(English, Español, Português), Promoting Oral Health for Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs, Overview of MA Regulations on Independent Educational Evaluations (IEEs), Book Reviews and more! (PDF)

Summer 2009, 35th Anniversary Gala Spectacular, Welcome MassPAC, Five More Years: Federation Awarded PTI Grant (English, Español, Português), Summer’s Over: Preparing for the School Year Rehabilitative vs. Habilitative: When is Therapy Medically Necessary?, The Mysteries of Dyslexia, an Interview with Dr. Nadine Gaab, Book Reviews and more! (PDF)

Spring 2009, Visions of Community 2009: A Day of Learning, Networking and Celebration, Promoting Summer Learning for Students with Learning Disabilities, Summer Science: Promoting Learning at Home, Working with Your Health Insurer: 10 Tips for Families, Book Reviews and more!

(PDF) Winter 2009, Join Us in Celebrating our 35th Year!, Losing Your Home? Know Your Child’s Education Rights, Parent-Teacher Conferences: Tips to Success, How to Succeed in High School When You Have a Disability, Seven Tips for Partnering with Your Child’s School During the Transition Years, The Medical Home: An Example of Parent Professional Partnership for Families of Children with Special Healthcare Needs, CHINS: Child In Need of Services, Book Reviews and more! (PDF)