20132013 Editions of Newsline

December 2013, Keeping Students with Disabilities Safe from Bullying, Visions of Community 2014, From Zero Tolerance to Compassionate Accountability: Chapter 222, Communities of Support Abound, and more! (December 2013 PDF)

Summer 2013, Have the Purposes of Chapter 766 Been Achieved? – An Invitation, Trauma-Sensitive IEPs, The Power of One Parent From Heartbreak to Empowerment: Three Parent Consultants Team up to Empower Families, Updates on the Implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), School Discipline Law – Part 2 and more! (Summer 2013 PDF)

Spring 2013, Visions of Community 2013, Gala 2013 – Celebrating Every Child, Community Partnership Awards, School Discipline Law, Making a Difference in A Student’s Life: One SESP’s Journey, Trauma-Sensitive Team Meetings and more! (Spring 2013 PDF)

Winter 2013, Of Civil Rights and Children, Equal Opportunity For Students with Disabilities to Participate in Extracurricular Athletics, Legislative Updates, Trauma-Sensitive Evaluations, The Root to Success: Addressing Emotional Needs and more! (Winter 2013 PDF)