A Trail Blazer For Many

Tributes to Martha Ziegler from across the country


“Her vision and willingness to blaze a trail to make things as they should be is an inspiration to all who believe in social justice.”
– US Senator Ed Markey, Massachusetts

“She was a trail blazer for many.”
– Mary Eddy, ProParents of South Carolina

“She was a force to be reckoned with- so full of life and determination. Her will and her spirit moved the world for all of us.”
– Jerry Mogul, Executive Director, Mass Advocates for Children

“A fine lady and real force for everything championed by the Federation.”
– Steven Popper, Needham, MA

“I attended a workshop that Martha was conducting for parents where I saw parents with tears of joy because their children were going to be allowed to go to school. We owe a lot to her.”
– James V. Major, Executive Director, Massachusetts Association of 766 Approved Private Schools (MAAPS)

“Martha was a great visionary leader. She helped create centers that could focus on working with diverse parents.”
– Virginia Richardson, PTI Director, PACER

“Her story, which is our story, is of a leader of a movement that continues to transform the lives and experiences of so many families and children with disabilities.”
– Debra Jennings, SPAN New Jersey

“She certainly led the way for families in Massachusetts”
– Jane Buckley, Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission

“What a tremendous feeling of gratitude for all she did.”
– Dan Heffernan, Kotin, Crabtree & Strong

“Hard to imagine this world without Martha’s vibrancy, passion, and vision.”
– Julia Landau, Senior Project Director, Mass Advocates for Children

“She was a leader with great vision, wonderful integrity and compassion for all.”
– Carla B. Jentz, Executive Director, The Massachusetts Administrators for Special Education (ASE)

“An amazing woman who paved the way.”
– Barbara Buswell, Founder and Executive Director, PEAK, CO.