“You’re Not Alone, Surviving Your Child’s Disability”

By Susan Cauley, Parent and Special Education Support Parent

youarenotaloneParents of children with disabilities can now obtain advice from experts in the field by watching an informative show entitled, “You’re Not Alone, Surviving Your Child’s Disability.” This local cable program was created to inform and support parents overwhelmed with the task of raising a child with special needs. The show strives to share helpful knowledge and give parents the concepts and ideas that can answer unresolved questions.

“You’re Not Alone, Surviving Your Child’s Disability,” introduces pertinent issues with its guests in a half hour format. Topics covered have included guardianship, special needs financial planning, respite care, and the IEP team meeting. Previous guests include Barbara Jackins, an Attorney with the Special Needs Law Group, Cynthia Haddad, Director of Shepherd Financial Partners, Dafna Krouk-Gordon, President and Founder of TILL, and Barbara Donati, Family Ties of Massachsetts. All guests have embraced the show as an excellent resource for anyone involved with the care of children with disabilities.

The show is produced and hosted by Susan Cauley, mother of two daughters with autism. Cauley has dealt with professionals involved with their care for over 20 years. Utilizing the knowledge she has gained, Susan recently became a Special Education Surrogate Parent representing homeless or foster children in the IEP process. In addition, she participates in a family support and advocacy group at the Edinberg Center for parents of children with mental/developmental disabilities. Susan has a Bachelor of Arts degree in English/Communications and has worked in advertising for 25 years.

A production of the Woburn Public Media Center, the show is currently aired on local cable TV channels in the towns of Woburn, Bedford and Burlington. Program content is announced on Facebook.com/ynadis prior to the show’s airing. All taped shows appear on YouTube at YouTube.com/You’re Not Alone Susan Cauley.

For more information or questions regarding future shows or projects, contact Susan by e-mail at scauleyyna@gmail.com.