It’s Annual Appeal Time at the Federation!

aafamThe Federation’s Annual Appeal letter is mailed out each year in early November and we are grateful for the support of all who donate. Families tell us that “I don’t always need the Federation, but when I do – you are always there!” We are able to be there for families whenever they need us because of the donations we receive from all of you, and we hope you will consider making a generous gift to the Appeal this year. With your support, we are able to be there for families as they make the journey with their children who might otherwise be isolated, discouraged and excluded.

Mike and Susan donate to the Federation so that other families can benefit, the way their family did. Susan first called the Federation when their son was 11 years old, and they were having trouble getting educational services for him. They feel that the supports and services their son received over the years were the direct result of the work the Federation has done in advocating for high quality health and education programming for children with special needs. And that because of those supports and services, their son’s potential was unlocked and he was able to make the successful transition he has made to adulthood. When people ask Mike how to navigate for their child with special needs he tells them “Call the Federation…there is no better place…”

If the Federation has been there for you, we hope you will give generously to our Annual Appeal – so that we can continue to be there when other families need us!

Make your donation online at or mail your check today to the
Federation for Children with Special Needs
529 Main Street, Suite 1M3 | Boston, MA 02129

Or donate online now