Save the Date: April 14-16, 2016 APPLE is coming!

By Leslie M. Leslie, MassPAC Coordinator and APPLE Faculity Leader, FCSN

Each year, The Federation for Children with Special Needs and MassPAC sponsor a three-day APPLE Institute for parents and school districts to help them build collaborative working relationships. The name “APPLE” stands for Advancing Parent Professional Leadership in Education. The training focuses on helping parents and professionals develop skills to become full and effective partners with their school to improve student outcomes. Sample workshop topics include: Understanding my personal Leadership Style through my “True Colors”, Respectful Conversations, Deep Listening, and Consensus Brainstorm.

APPLE has worked with dozens of special education parent advisory councils (SEPACs), and also welcomes district teams consisting of families of children with special needs and school professionals to the process. Building on shared goals, these district/parent teams create an action plan to develop family engagement in the district. Research has shown that when families are involved in schools, students do better.

We hear the same question every year – “How can I commit three days to a workshop?”
So this Fall, when apples are ripening on the trees, the APPLE Leadership team at the Federation will begin the process of answering that question – “How can I commit three days to a workshop?” – with our learned response of “How can you not?” APPLE is a unique opportunity to begin the dialogue, share information, raise and answer concerns. Experience has taught us when you build a connection to one or two parents and educators, they form a team, and the magic begins.

Now is the time to plan for your
district team to attend our
2016 APPLE Institute which runs from
April 14-16, 2016 in Framingham.

“Highly recommend this experience to other teams. Well worth the time.” –APPLE Participant.

The Institute is free of charge for school district teams, supported by a grant from the MA Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. Check out our website – for more information