Another Wonderful Tet!

In cooperation with the Federation and many other community organizations, Vòng Tay Cha Mẹ Việt hosted a spectacular, inclusive party at DotHouse Health. Nearly 400 people attended the event, which included which included “lì xì” (aka: lucky money), food, dancing, games, a fashion show, and a bouncy house. Children and youth with and without special needs and their siblings played alongside one another while parents relaxed and ate “banh mi” (aka: Vietnamese sandwich). The afternoon included a traditional Lion Dance (Múa Lân), which staff member Erin Anguish captured on video.

Vòng Tay Cha Mẹ Việt means “Circle of Vietnamese Parents.” It is a support organization for Vietnamese families who have children with special needs. The group not only provides emotional support, it also helps educate parents about their children’s diagnoses and needs. It is a space where parents can network, share resources, and become empowered. Find them on Facebook or email

This graphic was made by Lilian Nguyen, a student at Lesley University and volunteer at Vòng Tay Cha Mẹ Việt’s Tet (Vietnamese New Year) celebration.

Tet celebration graphic