MassHealth CommonHealth / Child Medical Security Plan (CMSP)

There is a difference you should know about!

Did you know that your child may be eligible for MassHealth/CommonHealth based on their disability – not your family income? Many families of children with special health care needs in Massachusetts apply for MassHealth CommonHealth.

MassHealth offers different types of insurance programs for Massachusetts families whose children have special health care needs. CommonHealth is offered to children with qualifying disabilities that are also insured by a private, primary insurance policy. CommonHealth is a supplemental insurance that covers copays and services not covered by the primary insurance for an eligible child. The application process involves two steps:

You may also apply online at Click here to read an overview of the process from

The disability determination period can last up to 90 days, after which eligible children will receive CommonHealth coverage.

It is important for parents to understand their child’s eligibility and to ensure that they are, in fact, becoming eligible for the CommonHealth program when they apply. Recently, we have become aware that some children with special health care needs have mistakenly been assigned to the Child Medical Security Plan (or CMSP) instead of CommonHealth. CMSP is a primary insurance program offered by MassHealth for children that are uninsured, while CommonHealth is a supplemental insurance program for children with qualifying disabilities that are insured by their family’s private policy. Attempts to use CMSP for services for a child that that should have CommonHealth will be denied. Therefore, if your child receives CMSP and you believe you are actually eligible for CommonHealth, you should call MassHealth immediately. Make sure to have your private insurance information available when you call.

If you are having difficulty with completing the MassHealth application process or have been assigned to the wrong insurance plan, call Mass Family Voices (1 800 331 0688) or email with a description of your situation. Currently Mass Family Voices/Family-to-Family Health Information Center is tracking these cases and working with MassHealth to correct the issue.

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