Planning a Life: One-Day Intensive Conference

By Nancy Mader, Director of Transition Projects

The LINK Center is piloting a one-day intensive Planning a Life (PAL) transition conference on Dec.  6 in Merrimac.

PAL has always been a two-day conference which can be difficult for families and professionals to attend. The one-day intensive conference has been designed to meet the needs of our busy families and we are really excited for this new opportunity.

The conference will provide information on transition assessment, transition laws, Individualized Education Program (IEP) goals, Transition Planning Form (TPF), health care transition, community connections, and postsecondary options and goals.

Family involvement and professional best practices are woven throughout the PAL conference as well. Registration is open at and scholarships are available.

The LINK Center is also hosting a one-day Planning a Life: Preparing for College transition conference on November 8th in Worcester, MA. Find more information on this conference here and registration is open at

Please reach out to Nancy Mader at with any questions.