Let’s Talk About Wrap-Around Services

RTSC_authorSo you may have heard the phrase “wrap-around services” and wondered what it is all about. Wikipedia defines the process as, “During the wraparound process, a team of individuals who are relevant to the well-being of the child or youth (e.g., family members and other natural supports, service providers, and agency representatives) collaboratively develop an individualized plan of care, implement this plan, and evaluate success over time.” But let’s break that down a little better.

The concept is that all of the child’s service providers are no longer individual silos, but part of a team that “wraps” itself around the child and family. This team is coordinated by an Intensive Care Coordinator or ICC, who is a Masters level clinician who serves as the team leader. The ICC’s job is to gather information from all of the systems (Outpatient Therapist, all other therapists, physicians, school, the family members, and anyone who knows and supports the child in any way), and to bring the team members together to work on assisting the family with the child’s current needs. The needs are broken down into tasks that each team member takes responsibility for assisting with until that task is completed.

There are several important points to know which include (1) these are services available to children on MassHealth, (2) the child must be under 21 years of age, and (3) they must have a Severe Emotional Disturbance (SED). If you are the caregiver for a child who needs this type of assistance, or know of a child who would benefit from these services and more, you may be interested in our August webinar on Children Behavioral Health Initiative (CBHI) Services. You can view all RTSC webinar recordings here, on our website.

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